Information regarding the corona virus (COVID-19)

Health situation corona virus - last update: May 7th 2020

Sunparks is paying close attention to the corona virus epidemic situation as well as to the recommendations of the health authorities. 

Belgian villages
Sunparks follows the regulations of the Belgian government, so Sunparks takes the following measures for all Belgian villages:

• By order of the government, all Flemish Center Parcs and Sunparks villages in Belgium will be closed from Friday 13th of March, 12.00 noon.
• The measures apply until and including June 7, 2020. 
• We inform our guests by text message and email. Our guests receive a digital voucher worth their original reservation which they can use to book a subsequent stay.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Center at 0845 351 0109 (4p/min)



I have booked a stay with an arrival date after the village closure, can our holiday take place?
Sunparks follows the guidelines of the governments in every country. At this moment the measurements are valid as stated above. Based on the current situations, our Sunparks villages will re-open at:
Monday 18th of May 2020
This means that if you have booked a stay after the re-opening dates of our villages, your holiday can take place. Sunparks closely follows the developments and regulations, in case the situation changes you will be informed by e-mail or SMS.

I have booked a stay during the village closure, do I need to contact you?
If you’re affected by the closure of our villages, you do not have to contact us. We will contact you by sms and email. 

What is the compensation policy? 
There are three situations in which the compensation policy is applicable:

1. Postponed stay due to temporarily village closure
If you are affected by the village closure, because you have booked a stay during this period, you will receive a recreation voucher via email for the value of your payment related to the original booking. 

2. Interrupted stay
If you were asked to leave the village during your stay, you will receive a recreation voucher via email for the value of the remaining days of your original booking. 

3. Limited availability of services during stay (NL & FR villages, as from Friday 13th of March, Park Bostalsee as from Sunday 15th of March)
If you were on the village in the weekend of 13th of March, you will receive a compensation for the limited availability of the central facilities, including the Aqua Mundo. You were informed separately on the value of compensation. You will receive a recreation voucher via email to the value previously communicated. 
What are the conditions of the recreation voucher? / How does the recreation voucher work that I will receive by email? 
Within the next coming weeks you will receive an email including a recreation voucher.
With this recreation voucher, you will be able to book a subsequent stay via the Customer Contact Center. Further information on how to use the voucher will be included in this email.
In addition to our General Terms and Conditions, the recreation voucher conditions below apply to recreation voucher issued by Center Parcs. These conditions are in accordance with the principles as included HISWA RECRON regulation that was established after coordination with the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

•The recreation voucher is valid for one year as from the date of arrival of your original booking. This means you must have booked a new stay within 12 months after your original arrival date. The latest arrival date of your new stay must be September 30, 2021. (Example: the original stay was March 18, 2020, the recreation voucher is valid up until March 18, 2021 for an arrival up until September 30, 2021).
•The new booking (date and /or villages) is subject to availability.
•If the new booking is more expensive, the price difference will be charged to the guest.
•If the new booking is cheaper, the remaining value remains available on your recreation voucher  (within the validity of one year as from the arrival date of your original booking). If your recreation voucher still contains a value on the expiration date, we will contact you to transfer this value to the bank account as indicated by the guest, within one month after the expiration date of the voucher.
•The recreation voucher is not transferable to a third party, cannot be exchanged for money and cannot be spend on the village.
•The value of the recreation voucher is equal to the amount already paid and received by Center Parcs in relation to your original booking, including any booking fees paid, and does not claim the same or comparable performance as involved in the original booking.
•This regulation can be amended if Center Parcs deems it necessary and/or if the Dutch government allows its measures to continue beyond 1 June 2020. More information about the current regulations and the recreation voucher is available at our website.
For which bookings is the recreation voucher valid?
The booking must be made on the English website of Center Parcs or via our Call Center via a valid agent code. 
When do I get the voucher?
You will receive the voucher by email in the next weeks.
Can I redeem my recreation voucher without having received it?
No, this is unfortunately not possible. We ask you to wait until you receive the recreation voucher via email. As soon as you have received the voucher, you will be able to make a new booking via our Customer Contact Center.
How can I make a reservation with the recreation voucher?
As soon as you have received the voucher, you will be able to make a new booking via our Customer Contact Center.