Questions regarding the re-opening of our holiday villages and the coronavirus

Non-essential travels to Belgium are prohibited until April 19 for persons who have their primary residence abroad. 


1.    Which villages are open / closed in Belgium?
We are happy to announce that our Sunparks villages are open again.

2.    Where can I get more information concerning my questions about the coronavirus related to Sunparks.

For questions regarding rebookings, the regular contact number for Sunparks can be used: 0845 351 0109 (4p/min).

For all other Corona related questions, special information numbers have been created for all the Corona virus questions related to Sunparks per country of origin. These are as follows:
• BE Crisis: +3228947448
• NL Crisis: +31107980988
• DE Crisis: +4922165031424
• FR Crisis: +331 73 27 55 97  

Guests are encouraged to plan their own visit based on the available information, provided by local authorities. All available information is accessible on local government websites:

• United Kingdom
• The Netherlands, national and international information
• France
• Germany
• Belgium


3.    Guests who have booked with a group of more than 1 household per holiday home. What is your policy?
It is allowed to stay in an accommodation with a maximum of one household (your bubble) and one person (your hug contact). Please contact our Customer Contact Center if you need to adapt your booking.    

4.    I have booked a catering or leisure arrangement that is not available at village park, what is your policy?

Based on the measures announced by the Belgian government, our restaurants, bars and cafés in the Belgian villages are unfortunately closed at the moment. You can still make use of Take-away, Retail delivery services and Food Store. 

5.    What are the terms & conditions of the recreation-voucher?
You can find the terms & conditions of the recreation-voucher here.


What product offer will be available in the village and do guests receive compensation due to the adapted product offer?

The situation differs per village. Guests who are affected by a strong limitation of our product offer, and who are entitled to a compensation, will be contacted by us and informed on the applicable compensation. We will inform you pre-arrival via e-mail. There is no need to contact us.

7.    Will the Aquafun be open? 
Due to regulations by the government, the Aquafun is currently closed.

8.    Information regarding reservations for the Aquafun
Due to the closure of the Aquafun, no reservations can be made at this time.


9.    How do you guarantee safety for our guests and employees?
We continuously adapt our product to the guidelines of the government in every country. This to ensure the safety or our employees and guests. For example, we ask all our guests and staff to wash hands frequently for 20 seconds, cough/sneeze in elbow, use paper tissues, respect the 1.5 meter distancing and avoid shaking hands. Our parks have plenty of space to keep distance and all our guests and staff are asked to participate in the rules and guidelines set up to provide a safe environment

10.    What safety measurements is Sunparks taking?
All the safety measures that we are taking, are available at our website. Please visit our website for the most accurate information with regards to our safety measures

 Adults and children over 12 years of age are required to wear a mouth mask in all indoor facilities and also outside in places where 1.5 m distance cannot be guaranteed.

 Guests should come with a maximum of 1 person when going to the Reception, desk or Food Store and are allowed to stay max 30 minutes.

 A curfew is active in the country in between 24.00 o’clock and 5.00 o’clock.

 Take Away and delivery services are available till 21.00 o’clock (alcohol delivery till 20.00 o’clock)

 Non-essential travels to Belgium are prohibited for persons who have their primary residence abroad, until 19th of April. If you nevertheless decide to travel to Belgium, because this would concern an essential journey, you are obliged to have a completed declaration of honor in your possession. You can find this statement via this link or online via this link.

 As of the 19th of April borders will reopen, however for both incoming Belgians/Non-belgians a 7 day quarantine is needed in Belgium with a COVID-test on day 1 and 7. For non-Belgians entering Belgium a PLF form needs to be filled in 48 hour prior to arrival in Belgium.

11.    Are friends and family allowed to come visit at the park?

Unfortunately, friends and/or family cannot visit at this time.

12.    I or one of my booking participants is feeling ill/has a fever. What is your policy?
Guests should postpone their stay if they are ill. Conditions depend on booking date. Please contact our customer contact center. 

13. Will there be surveillance in the park?
Our staff will be trained and informed about the rules and regulations. If necessary, our employees will approach our guests to make sure that the local guidelines are followed in the village. 

There is surveillance in our villages by our security staff, at day and night, to ensure a safe environment for both our guests and employees.

14.    Will there be a maximum number of guests allowed in the parks?
Sunparks follows the guidelines of the Belgian government. It is possible that in certain facilities a maximum of guests is applicable. 

15.    Is there an adapted arrival procedure?
• In case of fever, guests will be asked to go home where they will receive a corresponding voucher for a future stay.
• Guest should go to the reception with a max. of 1 person.
• We make use of 100% online check-ins via e-ticket. This is mandatory (so checking in before arrival via Sunparks shop).
  - Guests who did not succeed with the online check-in can go to the reception for check-in. The reception is open during check-in (15h).
  - B2B and tour operating guests are allowed to check in via the reception, since they do not have access to the Sunparks Shop
• It is possible that we ask our guests to take temperature upon arrival.

16.    How do you guarantee a hygienic holiday home?
There will be extra time calculated to clean each holiday home before arrival of new guests. Hand gel, disinfection materials (masks depending on country) are for sale at our reception and Foodstore. In our facilities, you are also able to disinfect your hands.

17.   Is there enough space on your park to guarantee 1.5 meter distance?
There is enough space to move in and around the park without encountering other guests. Our accommodations are located with enough space in between. Those few accommodations that cannot guarantee 1,5 meter, will be out of stock. In our central facilities all measures are taken to guarantee 1,5 meter distance, like walking directions. Please visit our website for the most accurate information with regards to our safety measures.