Offer a Sunparks gift card

Offer the gift your friends and family will sincerely enjoy: The Sunparks online gift card!

It's possible to order up to 5 gift cards online at the same time and you can choose the amount yourself. The gift cards will be sent to a specified mail adress, with a custom-made message.

Easy to order and easy to use, Sunparks online gift cards can be offered at any moment, for a personal or profesional occasion. 

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How do I order the Sunparks gift card?

To directly order your Sunparks gift card, click on the button below.

You will just need to specify the number of gift cards,
their value (€100, €150 or a custom price), your details and those of your recipient(s). Of course you will also have the possibility to add a custom-made message.

The Sunparks gift card is used directly when booking.
It is valid for 3 years. If it has not been used, an e-mail alert will be sent 1 month before the expiration date.
Order your gift card online
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Terms of use

- The gift cards can only be used to book a stay at Sunparks in Belgium.
- They are valid 3 years for all types of villas, all year long.
- Gift cards cannot be used as a payment solution within the park.
- Payment of gift cards is effectuated during purchase.
- You can cancel your gift card purchase within 7 days (without extra cost or justification). To do so, just send an email to
- If the gift card has been (partially) used during the 7 days, these conditions can no longer be applied. The gift card is sent by email to the recipient.
- The buyer will receive a purchase confirmation and the gift card by email.
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