Offer a Sunparks gift card

You are looking for an original gift? The Sunparks online gift card is what you need !

Order up to 5 gift cards online at the same time.
You are able to set the prices yourself. The gift cards will be sent to a specified mail adress, with a custom-made message.

Easy to order and easy to use, it can be offered at any moment, personal as well as profesional. 

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How to order the Sunparks gift card?

To directly order your Sunparks gift card, click on the button below.

You will just need to specify the number of gift cards,
their value (€100, €150 or a custom price), your details and those of your recipient(s). Of course you will also have the possibility to add a custom-made message.

The Sunparks gift card is used directly when booking.
It is valid for 3 years. If it has not been used, an alert e-mail will be sent 1 month before expiration date.
Order your gift card online
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Terms of use

- The gift cards can only be used to book a stay at Sunparks in Belgium.
- They are valid 3 years for all types of villa, all year long.
- Gift cards cannot be used as a payment solution in the park.
- Payment of gift cards is directly done when purchasing.
- You can cancel your gift card purchase within 7 days (without extra cost and justification). To do so, just send a mail to
- If the gift card has been (partially) used during the 7 days, these conditions can no longer be applied. The gift card is sent by e-mail to the recipient.
- The buyer will receive a purchase confirmation as well as the gift card by email.
Frequently asked questions
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